What's this all about?

This is a demo app for the easymarklet gem.

The general idea of the demo is that we are collecting URLs and allowing people to vote them as being 'foo' or 'baz'.

A variety of bookmarklets are provided to demonstrate various styles of interaction.

Drag any of the bookmarklets below to your bookmark bar, then visit some other page on the 'net, then click the bookmarklet.

Please Note : many of these bookmarklets will not work on pages that are served via SSL.

This is just a restriction since this site is not SSL enabled. It is not a fundamental limitation of bookmarklets.

Manual Entry

To start we just have a regular Rails scaffold for a page model that will store a URL, foo_count, and baz_count.

Visit the new page form to check it out.

Bare Bookmarklet

The bare bookmarklet is the minimalist way to go. If you just need to redirect to your app this is a good way to go.

Fvb Bare More info about bare bookmarklets.

Simple Bookmarklet

The simple bookmarklet will take the URL in the browser at the time it is clicked and submit it to the new page form to allow you to choose 'foo' or 'baz'.

FvB Simple More info about simple bookmarklets.

XDM Bookmarklet

The XDM bookmarklet will inject some UI elements into the page and transmit the results back to the app without leaving the page.

Fvb Xdm More info about xdm bookmarklets.

Iframe Bookmarklet

The iframe bookmarklet will insert an iframe into the page as a pop-over.

Fvb Iframe More info about iframe bookmarklets.

DLux Bookmarklet

The dlux bookmarklet will insert nested auto resizing iframes for the ulitmate flexibility in bookmarklet interaction.

Fvb Dlux More info about dlux bookmarklets.